Anyone can, and is welcome to, to contribute to AdaptCMS. You are free to go to our github page:

We have an issues page with bugs, features and just about anything else. Feel free to add new issues or feature ideas there, try and fix bugs you encounter or anything else you'd like. Make a pull request and we will review and respond as soon as possible.

To get the best cohesiveness we can, the easiest way is to get in contact with us, or more specifically, get involved in some part of the community.

AdaptCMS is an open source project and for the near future will not be a profitable organization. But our long-term plans are to have this project become a profitable business who has a paid staff. This year, we will be getting the necessary legal work done to make this an official business.


Along with GitHub, those are our communities currently where staff and the public alike can join and get involved. While it is by no means necessary, we can coordinate and discuss better so we don't have people fixing the same bug multiple times and have a direction in place.

What can I do?

If you're not sure what you can do, please feel free to ask us at one of the above communities or any of these contact methods:

In general, here are the type of ways to contribute:

PHP Developers

This is the biggest need right now. PHP developers who can help fix bugs, test and find other bugs, create core functionality, enhancements, work on plugins and more.

Ideally, if you are familiar with PHP frameworks and specifically, Laravel - we definitely could use your help!

While anyone can have whatever role they'd like, if you are familiar with Laravel, it would be of a great help to get involved and to be a part of some discussions and conversations of the direction and future of AdaptCMS.

To be a part of the first modern CMS to truly appeal to people from CMS newbies, to experienced veterans. Also the first CMS to not have it's focus on what engineers think people would like to have in a CMS, but to be a truly adaptable system that learns from it's users to improve.

Front-end Developers

HTML work will be expansive and necessary. Styling by front-end, rather than PHP developers, would be a big step up. VueJS experience is very helpful, but not necessary.

Those with experience with mock-ups would also help, ideally we would like to have a thorough tested and discussed workflow of each part of the site at some point.


While we predominantly use a front-end CSS framework to be the main design of the various looks of AdaptCMS, we would like to transition away from that somewhat. With coordinated design and front-end contributors, we have a great chance of blowing away the competition on launch.


General Feedback

If you don't know anything at all about software like this, but are interested, you can get involved still! The more information we have, the more we understand different types of users - the better, and a more inclusive system we can build. Reach out to us any way you'd like and let us know what's confusing you, what you like about AdaptCMS, what you don't like about it.

Whether you're a PHP developers, or a small business owner trying to make a better site. We want to hear from you!

Writers / Editors

A big part of this project is going to be the code written, but also a lot of other things being written. Documentation, pages on the official site, language shown in the CMS itself, and more.

We need people that can either write these items (or revise things we've written) and also need editors to check writings for spelling, grammar, and assistance with simplifying, pointing out issues of coherence in documentation - so we can make the best available resources to the public.

Lastly, tutorials and guides will be written for launch of AdaptCMS.

Social Media

While not the top priority right now, we will be needing to do social media campaigns and keep an active social media overall.

To make in-roads with the community and also to assist with general requests.

Anything else?


  • General testing of the CMS and plugins/themes

  • Local community outreach

  • Advertising

  • Server management

  • Business manager / general advice

And more! Just reach out, let us know either what you'd like to do - that's most important. Or let us know what skills/experience you have and we can figure out, together, where you'd be able to get involved.

Hope to see you soon!

It's hard for an open-source project to have a small amount of contributors doing a whole lot. Everyone needs a job that brings in money, and open-source isn't usually the spot for that. It's for fun, to get experience, to help out. While we have long-term plans to turn this open-source CMS into a profitable company, to be able to have a paid staff, that's not right now.

When that does happen though, we will not be a greedy company. Paying for the necessities will come first - server costs, domain, staff, advertising and other business costs. Past that and the little extra's that come with it, that money will be used to grow the company and to help others in any way we can.

Thank you.

Charles Page

Founder of AdaptCMS

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