PHP Developers

Welcome! If you're a PHP developer and wanting to get involved, we'll explain all that you need to do to get started. If you haven't reached out to the AdaptCMS team, we'd recommend that you follow this guide first and then reach out to us at any of the below sources:

If you don't already have an account on GitHub, please sign up here. Once you sign up, or you already have an account there, head over to the AdaptCMS GitHub page:

Clone the site down to your local environment, make sure you're on the 4.0 branch and follow the installation docs. Once the CMS is installed locally, you're ready for the next step.

Take a look around

Spend a little time trying out the CMS and looking at the code. Get familiar with how the modules work, what the coding standards look like and see what you might want to work on.


We use slack to talk about the CMS and generally as the best place to keep in contact. Go ahead and sign up here:


After you sign up and login to Slack, check out there apps. They have one for the desktop (Windows, OSX and Linux!) and for Android/IO phone/tablet devices.

Reach Out

At this point, go ahead and slack @charliepage that you'd like to help out and provide us with the following information:

  • GitHub username

  • If you want an email forwarder at the email domain, provide the desired username and what email it should go to

  • Your name

Once we have that, we can add the email forwarder, if you want it. We can get you onto our project management software so you can start coding and we can get you added onto github as a contributor.


We currently use a project management website called Nostromo. In the future we may move to somewhere else, but with it's custom workflow and easy to use software, it's home currently to project management of AdaptCMS.

In the above message to us via slack, you should of received an email invite to this site. Follow it and sign up with your email address or whichever one you'd like to use.


We follow a fairly particular workflow. In the "Plan" area, this is where we put ideas for the CMS and flesh them out to get them planned out and ready to work on. If you think of any feature ideas or have feedback for existing ideas, feel free to comment/add an idea card.

Once a plan is fleshed out and ready to be worked on, click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the card and click on "Switch Board", which will move it over to the "Work" area and start it as a "TODO". When adding a card under "Plan", make sure to enter in a legible title, a description that describes the overview of the feature, tag it by version and "area" it effects (such as CMS, Plugin, Docs, etc.). If it's more than a one-step feature, add a checklist with the steps needed to accomplish this feature.

When a card is under "Work", we have this workflow:

  • TODO

  • Doing (actively working on feature)

  • Ready for Review (add "Charlie Page" as a member of the card when it's ready for review)

  • Reviewing (item is being actively reviewed)

  • Done (feature has been worked on, reviewed and has been approved and pushed up)

To move a card from step-to-step, click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the card and click on "Move". Then simply select the "Column" it should move to and click the big "Move" button and then you're done.

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